GarlicFESTsm has something for every festival goer!

Start off your Garlic Fest Days with Free Yoga Sessions

We are very fortunate to have two very experienced yoga instructors offering sessions on both days of the GarlicFEST!

Madam Marvelous (aka Yolanda Dunderdale) will lead a dynamic yoga session on Saturday, Sept. 1 in a grassy area in the park. Bring mats if you have one (but she will bring some textiles for you to use).

Jamie Jackson, owner of Sacred Body Yoga and Healing Arts, will lead a contemplative yoga session on Sunday, Sept. 2.

Event Details
Free Yoga
Days: Saturday and Sunday
Time: 11am-12 noon
Bring a mat if you have on, but most importantly bring your sweet selves! <3

Hang out in the KidZone for creative fun!

Experience an eclectic bill of live local music throughout the day.

Shop local artists for unique and one of a kind artwork.

Learn about growing and harvesting garlic, along with its many nutritional benefits.

Grab some garlic infused fare and enjoy a drink in our 21+ beer tent.